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               John                       Tommy                              Luther

 John  jrnallie@gmail.com, Tommy  tommynallie@yahoo.com, Luther lanallie@hotmail.com 

                            Western Music Association  1994

Standing: Jack Hannah, Dale Warren, Sunny Spencer, Gary LeMaster, Luther Nallie, John Nallie, Rusty Richards, Billy Armstrong.     Sitting:  Dale Evans, Roy Rogers, Rex Allen

       Sons of the Pioneers and friends:  Gene Autry Museum  1992

Back Row:

Gary LeMaster, Daryl Wainscott,Luther Nallie, David Bradley, Dale Warren, Sunny Spencer

Front Row:

Herb Jeffries, Rex Allen, Eddie Dean (below), Gene Autry, Monte Hale

                                Sons of the Pioneers  1984

Back:      Sunny Spencer         Dale Warren         Luther Nallie

Front:    Jack (LaRoux) Nallie   Roy Lanham         Tommy Nallie

Note:  I lost two of my brothers in 2004.  Jack passed away April 18, 2004 and Raymond passed away October 4, 2004.  They were both great musicians, Jack played bass and Raymond drums and many other insturments..  In earlier years, Raymond and I played together in jazz groups with him playing drums and me playing upright bass.  Later on, Jack and I played together quite a bit with Jack doing a two year stint with the Sons of the Pioneers.  They will both be missed by not only me, but also by all the wonderful friends they have made throughout the years.  I still have a wonderful brother Tommy, who at this time resides in Roswell, New Mexico with his wife, Dee.  Luther

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